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Sans and his Gaster Blasters - Undertale Oh wowza.this is freakin amazing


This is actually the cutest version of Asriel I've seen in his adult form Maybe it's because he's not actually the God of Hyperdeath right here he's just Dare I say Older

Toriel and Frisk!

Here, take my hand.I am unbelievable enamored with Undertale It made me cry twice but it also gave me fuzzy feelings and a whole lot of determination. << I want to stay with Toriel!

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Really cute female human papyrus cosplay. I might def take inspiration for my papyrus cosplay here.

undertale, toriel, frisk

undertale, toriel, frisk >> Toriel is probably the best mom in video games. >> GET ~freshly, carefully, and gently~ DUNKED ON