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Glass Beach, California United States

The lable said, "Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California. I've been here! So cool,it really looks like this!not sure if it's at Fort Bragg or in California. Fort Bragg is not in CA!

Patagonia, Argentina

Fire and Ice by michaelanderson on deviantART Laguna Torre, Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina. A fiery sunset illuminates Cerro Torre and the cold icebergs of Laguna Torre, one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Patagonia.

Accept the miracle of each new day... from sunrise to sunset you've been given an extraordinary gift.

Accept the miracle of each new day… from sunrise to sunset you’ve been given an extraordinary gift. Phoyo: ‘The Sun Line’ by Michele Bussoni

Snow in Central Park

Snowy South Central Park looking East. Wish this could be a regular view for me dying to live in a city!

Queens Walk, London, England

The Queen's Walk: on the South Bank of the River Thames, London, England

Amazing Italy

Amazing Italy