ken goodal

ken goodal - This has to be one of my favorite Pins. Love this sketchbook, the color palette, everything!


Trippy GIFs Prepare to have your mind bent, twisted, and folded up into origami. You didnt need your mind anyways.

Nobrow 4 Day by Till Hafenbrak, via Flickr

Till Hafenbrak Illustration Some wonderful illustrations by Till Hafenbrak, who sure knows how to make the best of a limited palette. This is from Nobrow

Henrik Matias.

Janne Kokkonen is an illustrator hailing from Northern Finland and currently based in Barcelona. Building imagery from bold shapes and block colour, Janne’s incredibly striking portfolio demonstrat…

Simon Landrein

Illustration: Behold the close-up comics of naughty but oh so nice illustrator Simon Landrein

visualgraphc:  Art Crank 2013

Robots Cry Too [ Featuring nook ( ] Curated by Gabriel Suchowolski ( microbians ) in COMIC STYLE