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St Olga of Kiev / ИКОНОПИСНЫЙ ПОДЛИННИК's photos – 8,757 photos | VK

St Olga of Kiev / ИКОНОПИСНЫЙ ПОДЛИННИК's photos – photos

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Fr. Ilie Bobaianu (Dantes) is a monk and iconographer who’s work shines particularly brightly for its deep understanding of classical form in line and color. Using strong contrapposto, rich and complex drapery as well as elegant hand gestures, his work pulls in influences like Panselinos, the best of the Paleologian and Cretan schools together in a beautiful traditional synthesis.

Last year we posted an article about young Romanian iconographers creating traditional icons looking partially to modern art for elements to include in their work. With the spiritual renewal of R…

St. Euphrosyne

This icon of St Euphrosyne of Polotsk will be painted to order with tempera or acrylic paints in the Icon Painting Studio of St Elisabeth Convent