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In the long and interesting history of piracy, Mary Read managed to prove herself as one of the most famous female pirates of all time. Although much of her earlier life remains unknown to modern historians, her time as a pirate remains well remembered today. Even though she was active for only few short years, she has done so in a time that is today remembered as a height of the Golden Age of Piracy, when the seas of Caribbean trebled under the reign of hundreds pirate ships

Mary Read, (died was an English pirate. She is chiefly remembered as one of only two women known to have been convicted of piracy during the early century, at the height of the Golden Age of Piracy.

17th Century Scottish pirate captain William Kidd treasure found in Madagascar

Drawing of Scottish-born American privateer and pirate William 'Captain' Kidd standing on the deck of a ship, brandishing a sword, circa 1690

A hat is a many splendoured thing

thegentlemanscloset: “Various styles of century tricorne hats. Most of these are military hats which usually had a cockade on them. that says “Yager corps” is probably wrong. My guess is that it should read “Jaeger corps” ”