как умирают машинисты метро

как умирают машинисты метро Машинисты метро Умирают по-разному Кто-то в своей постели В окружении родных и близких Кто-то в результате автокатастрофы Кто-то из-за медицинской ошибки Кто-то от падения с большой высоты Кто-то от горя и ужаса В общем, по-разному Умирают машинисты метро Но по идее Если вдуматься Они должны умирать Как-то вот так Примерно вот так
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Russian tourist remark how clean the Moscow Subway is compared to other global cities.

Russia Travel Inspiration - Russian tourist remark how clean the Moscow Subway is compared to other global cities.

maps! reorganized maps!

Cities have amazing varieties of block shapes and sizes that give place a distinct character. The artist from Things Organized Neatly highlights these patterns by deconstructing street maps into piles of city blocks organized by size.

train and subway maps from around the world - [576x960]

do the cities and the metro maps for each table. Totally a different take on how to do table names with graphics

19 Spectacular Cinemagraphs - GIF Photography

19 Spectacular Cinemagraphs - GIF Photography

31 GIFs So Perfectly Looped That It& Physically Gratifying


Vormgevers (Designers) offset printed poster designed by Wim Crouwel, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Image from BIS Publisher's Wim Crouwel Alphabets written by Kees Broos with the forward by David Quay who also designed the book along with Rick Sellars.

Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron, Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, and The Thousand and One Nights (often known as The Arabian Nights) $64

From director Pier Paolo Pasolini comes Trilogy of Life: The Decameron, The Canterbury Tales, Arabian Nights new on DVD from The Criterion Collection

Metro 2033 by 3ihard on DeviantArt

I have been inspired by the book and the game called metro 2033 very atmospheric thou. "In the mazes of the Moscow metro" Metro 2033