Вперед, на разгром врага! Плакат. Худ. Д.Шмаринов (1942)

Вперед, на разгром врага! Плакат. Худ. Д.Шмаринов (1942)

Joe knows.... Way too much about everyone!

Russian poster, For the people's happiness! Much as Russian leaders today…

плакат, ссср, история, музей детства, XX век

Pioneer and pupils, enroll in technical study groups! no: 340 Artist: Uspensky B.

Soviet Space Propaganda 12

Soviet Space Program Propaganda Poster: Soviet means excellent! More posters here.

Педагогический плакат / Назад в СССР / Back in USSR

"You should value your every minute, count all your time, don’t mess up your schedule. The right schedule will help us all!

Russian WW2  "Our true. Straggle till the death!" By Dimitry Pozharsky.  "Let a courageous images of our great ancestors inspire you in this war!"  (Dmitry Pozharsky is Russian national hero, military and political leader, the head of the Second People's Militia, liberated Moscow from the Polish-Lithuanian invasion)

Ivanov, Viktor S Fight to Death. Let Our Great & Courageous Ancestors Inspire You, 1942 (Prop- Russia- WWII)

#Stalin  | < 600° https://de.pinterest.com/katusha1945/cccp-soviet-union/

#Stalin | < 600° https://de.pinterest.com/katusha1945/cccp-soviet-union/

Мир и счастье детям всей Земли!

Мир и счастье детям всей Земли!

USSR 1942 "Fight, prick, hunt, capture!" The image and a quote of Russian general Alexandr Suvorov.

USSR Alexandr Suvorov's image and a quote of his "Fight, prick, hunt, capture!