This looks photo-shopped to me, but the design looks interesting! and Amazing

Planes, trains, ships, cars ahd other. **************************************This looks photo-shopped to me, but the design looks interesting! The best collection latest technology information

Futuristic Vehicle, NASA-Concept-Car

Futuristic Vehicle, NASA-Concept-Car Aquariva 100 Futuristic Car, Future Vehicle, Concept Car For some types of cars, gas octane really does.

Bit: First Electronic Personal Helicopter Prototype Unveiled

Bit: First Electronic Personal Helicopter Prototype Unveiled

Would you actually climb on this thing? HIROBO from RC Helicopters till Single Passenger Silent Mini Electric Helicopters development.

TWS-Vanquish by Oxygino  Illustration of "Vanquish" - an unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Trident World Systems.

Never mind the mechanics of these fantastical digital art renderings of alien spaceships, advanced military vehicles and futuristic aircraft. Whether or not they're compatible with the laws of phys.

Boeing MH-47G Chinook US Army 04-03750 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) "Nightstalkers" (Airborne)

Boeing Chinook US Army Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) "Nightstalkers" (Airborne) Repairs on forward rotor @ Tucson IA (KTUS), AZ

New York World's Fair 1964 monorails

The New York Worlds Fair Monorail was built by American Machine and Foundry for the 1964 Fair.

Siemens :: Design :: Atlantic Design Projects Limited London Metro tube red White concept underground render train futuristic

What will urban transportation and advertising look like in the future? A new exhibition called: 'Going Underground: Our Journey to the Future' provides a glimpse of what might be in store for commuters in underground rail travel.

Мотоцикл на гусеничном ходу. 1939 год

The Hyanide is a hybrid motorcycle / tank tread vehicle that can basically take you anywhere you want to go, from snow to sand to mud with ease and at speeds of up to mph!

environmentally friendly, electric hydrofoiling quadrofoil watercraft

Hydrofoiling 'sports car for the water' promises legendary ride Move over, boats. You're about to be outclassed by the Quadrofoil, an electric personal watercraft that uses hydrofoil technology to zoom over the water. And looks like an alien spacecraft.


The E-Volo that has become the first electric helicopter to make a successful maiden flight, with multiple flights lasting several minutes and reaching heights of nearly 22 meters high.

Bel Geddes airliner no 4 (1929)

dieselpunkflimflam: dieselfutures: Airliner No. 4 - Norman Bel Geddes I’d do a lot more traveling if I could book seats on this! That’s totally the Titanium Turkey from TaleSpin