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Сосницкий Константин

Сосницкий Константин
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Southern right whale dolphin

The southern right whale dolphin, Lissodelphis peronii, is a small and slender species of mammal found in cool waters of the southern hemispher

Southern Right Whale Dolphin

The Southern Rightwhale Dolphin (Lissodelphis peronii) and its northern equivalent (Lissodelphis borealis) are the only dolphins without a dorsal fin. The two species were named after the Northern and southern right whales which also have no dorsal fins.

Hidden in Paradise: Fascinating, Rare Dolphins and Whales You've Never Seen Before

The Big Wobble Almanac : Spate of beaked whale deaths puzzle Scots experts A SPATE of deaths of the world’s deepest-diving mammal around the west coast of Scotland has left marine experts baffled.


A whale flashes a killer smile as he homes in on his lunch, off Kona, Hawaii. American photographer Doug Perrine, snapped the shot

Migaloo - the only white humpback whale ever registered - near Australia

Meet Migaloo, the only white humpback adult ever registered in history near Queensland, Australia coastline.

Migaloo the albino humpback whale

First discovered in this is Migaloo the albino humpback whale. No longer the only one, he's thought to be the daddy of an albino calf!

Incredibly rare WHITE humpback whale spotted off coast of Norway

rare WHITE humpback whale spotted off the coast of Norway by Niamh O’Doherty A white whale has been causing a splash after being spotted swimming in a pod of humpbacks by British maritime engineer, Dan Fisher, on a boat trip to Svalbard.

my favorite animal <3

My favourite lullaby: "Baby beluga in the deep blue sea, swims so wild, and he swims so free. With heaven above and the sea below, he's a little white whale on the go!

Beluga Whale

A Beluga whale with Down syndrome. This whale was diagnosed with Down syndrome after seeing its interaction with humans and other animals.