a Fence made of pallets

Recycled pallet fence is pretty clever. Economic as well. You can always find free pallets online!

дом на дереве в Великобритании

Taking a page straight out of Swiss Family Robinson, the eco-lodge designers and builders at Blue Forest developed a luxury treehouse that can support an .

feeder from a tree

Recycled crafts help to declutter homes and make wonderful, interesting and attractive bird feeders

disguised house in Brazil

Grid House, Casa Grelha, Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil - design by FGMF Arquitetos - Grid House Brazil is located in an area of hectares, only square meters are not covered by the lush native intact forest that is permanently protected: Casa Grelha Brasil

area of the gabion

Thousands of gabion wall projects, pictures and insparation to help you decided what looks best.

Inverted bookshelf

The inverted bookshelf turns your living room upside down as it hangs all of the books from the bottom instead of supporting them from below. It's a satisfying optical trick and doesn't damage any of the books.