**** Bookcases & Shelves ****

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BS - 024 (1560mm x 390mm x 1600mm High)

WIND, shelving unit : combine them to create a wall that has rhythm! - designed by RICARDO MARÇAL

BS - 006 (3020mm x 340mm x 2140mm High)

Temahome Denso TV Stand and Shelf Combination - Make a real show of your books, collections and TV with this large display system, 5 finishes to choose from

BS - 022 (1600mm x 320mm x 2300mm High)

Modern 4 glass shelf bookshelf in bleached walnut veneer or burned oak veneer

BS - 019 (1300mm x 360mm x 1860mm High)

via For something a bit more delicate and that holds a feminine touch, install some glass shelves. It’s still very sophisticated and fashion-forward and you’ll also be getting a “floating” illusion as seen by its predecessor.

BS - 014 (1550mm x 340mm x 1600mm High)

Beautiful White Corner Shelving Unit Idea with Impressive Design for Kitchen Storages and Display Shelves Idea

BS - 013 (1630mm x 360mm x 1720mm High)

A contemporary bookcase can be used for much more than storing your collection of books. It can be room divider or to store small items or a display unit & more!

BS- 023 ( 1330mm x 300mm x 2000mm High)

Temahome Puzzle, Shelving Unit in Pure White with Back Panels in 3 Colour Options - Modern bookshelf or display unit in pure white with back panels in walnut, grey or green

BS - 018 (800mm x 280mm x 1900mm High)

One Designer Gloss Bookcase - The one contemporary bookcase is a modern fun design, with open shelves for storing books, CDs etc.