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Svetochka Kolosova
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Looking for filters to use for your pink theme Instagram feed? On this article you will find what you’re looking for. Use these VSCO Cam filter settings to achieve pink Instagram feed and show the girly side in you! 20 VSCO Cam Filter Settings to achieve the pink Instagram theme! 1.Filter LV3 (+8) by passionfilters 2. Filter M6 by … … Continue reading →

final filter of the night works well on pinks (obviously) (WARNING: IT MAY MAKE YOUR FACE LOOK RED IN SELFIES) but the picture cannot be too bright or else you will have to adjust the exposure to your liking also i was stalking you guys (oops sorry not

VSCO Filter

/ free filter❕ dark blue-ish fade filter hella good for a feed, and it works on any image special those who's bright! ⚓️☁️ — omgf my first day at school is tomorrow, hate wake early af

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🌊 – cool / clear filter 👟 – best used on: white, blue, gray, skin tones/selfies 💦 – evian or fiji? ❔oMG I LOVE THIS FILTER sOoOo MUCH ! it makes your skin look so clear + feed will look bOMB AF .