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This is all about the fabric and button placement - find a pattern

Hand-woven Tekijuku SAORI Yokohama communication - SAORI weaving information…

Gauchere Spring Summer 2016 Paris fashion show is all about contradiction and opposites making a subtle statement that Fashion is borderless.

Gauchre Fashion Show Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2016 in ParisCREDIT Gio Staiano / NOWFASHION (Why would any woman want to wear this outfit? - poor colour - poor shape - nothing new.

МАШИННОЕ ВЯЗАНИЕ. Жакет с капюшоном «Белая орхидея».

Машинное вязание и не только.

МАШИННОЕ ВЯЗАНИЕ. Жакет с капюшоном «Белая орхидея».

Brunello Cucinelli RTW Spring 2014 - Slideshow

Brunello Cucinelli RTW Spring 2014

ClicEmporio Armani - Ready-to-Wear - Runway Collection - Womenk to open in a new window

Armani F/W I am often cold on the breast, but gets too warm with ordinary cardigans. This model is perfect for me!

Sideline top | by Wool and the Gang | Made from the perfectly weighted blend of 100% Alpaca and 100% pima cottonm | €82

Sideline Top Checkers design inspiration on Fab - I think that this would be fairly easy to make in crochet