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Harder than it looks

Harder than it looks ilym* Ok I got this. That's why it's harder on some positions, still necessary to build muscles though, I can offer a small percentage of my focus a meditative guidance.

Ratatosk (Copper) Limited edition of 50 signed/numbered, framed sculptural reliefs by Aric Jorn.

A collection of knotwork styles

Vikings Examples of almost the same motif and composition in different knotwork styles. I made one 2 years ago and I thought it was time to draw an updated version.

Персонажи этих скетчей выглядят так, будто сбежали то ли из Dark Souls, то ли из The Elder Scrolls.

Post with 3539 votes and 106352 views. Shared by Imperialreign. Need more slavic folklore (part