14 Pins
the cross stitch pattern is shown in different colors and sizes, with stars on each side
Схемы для плетения фенечек из бисера/мулине
two cross stitch bookmarks, one in purple and the other in green
Фенечка (схема)
a book cover with an image of different types of letters and numbers in pixel style
cross stitch pattern with flowers and leaves on the side, in different colors to match
Схемы для фенечек
a cross stitch pattern with the letters and numbers in red, white, blue, and pink
four pixellated images in different colors and sizes
Схемы для плетения фенечек из бисера мулине
cross stitch pattern for the creation of hands and sunflowers in different colors, sizes and shapes
four different types of beaded bracelets with beads on them, all in different colors
two cross - stitch bookmarks with the same color as each other, one in different colors
Парные фенечки
a cross stitch pattern with animals on it
Схемы для фенечк
four different pixel style banners with animals and stars