Наиля Мингазова

Наиля Мингазова

Наиля Мингазова
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Hahahaha D.O. has to serve the punishment on Xiumin, Chen, and Kris but Lay follows quickly after instantly Healing any pain. By the looks of that plastic mallet the only soreness the boys may have felt was their wounded pride:)

Aww Lay the little healing unicorn ❤️ Xiumin wasn't effected at all, Chen yet again wasn't effected by it and Kris just. ok then Kris xD D.O is just like "bye bish, bye bish and bye bish"

precious beagle line (gif) so cuuuuuute!

precious beagle line with Eric from ASC

Woo YiFan (Kris) of EXO (yes I know woo is not his surname but it sounds the same as Wu so I put him in this family)

Galaxy, no mather what kind of choice you made, I'll always see you as the member of exo. as a fan I'm here to support you not to control your life.

Meilishuo CF Making - Luhan

Every time I find a gif of Luhan I want to cry because I’m literally unable to resist him.