Путин просто Путин

50 Pictures of Vladimir Putin Looking Like a Complete Badass

On October Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned 63 year. Putin is spending the day of his birthday on a work trip to Sochi. Russian President Vladimir Putin is a master of sports in judo. He is a repeated judo champion of St.

Vladimir Putin and his beautiful Akita

This collection of Vladimir Putin photos from Getty Images will make your day a million times better.

Another yet old photo of Mr. Putin

V Capone Putin: The Last Man Standing Interview of Joaquin Flores, CSS, by Maurice Herman (video below - 15 minutes) In this interview, Mr. Flores explains why Vladimir Putin was.

PUTIN VLADIMIR Russian President

Vladimir Putin accepts Vin Diesel’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Pavel Durov, and Dimitri Nedvedev ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

President Vladimir Putin and his Bulgarian shepherd. The dog is so cuteeee!!! (p/s: no politics talks please!)

Pictures of the day: 15 November 2010

President Vladimir Putin and his Bulgarian shepherd dog/ nov 2011

Vladimir Putin, Winter Olympics, Russia