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Board up your windows, tie a garlic wreath, and don’t forget to pick up extra batteries for the nightlight—it’s going to be a long, delightfully spooky night of…
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the cover of 65 ya horror books by female authors, with an image of a hand coming out of a window
65 Great YA Horror Reads by Women
65 YA Books Written by Female Authors
some books with the words 21 creepy books for your fall reading list on top of them
Looking for some scary Fall/Halloween reads? Here are 21 books guaranteed to…
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18 Books That Are Just as Twisted as American Horror Story
Less than a week to go! Who's reading a scary book from our reading list?
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This Year's Top Books: How Many Have You Read? - Making Lemonade
Here's the ultimate list of this year's must read books!
the words 10 horrifying books to read before halloween are in front of dark clouds
10 Horrifying Books to Read before Halloween
Proceed with caution... ‪#‎ReadMore‬ #Horror #Scary #Spooky #Halloween #Kobo #eBook
a movie poster with the words slow burn grind written in red and yellow on it
Rakuten Kobo
Slow Burn: Grind, Book 8 - Zombie Thriller ebook by Bobby Adair #Zombie #Kobo #Horror #ReadMore