Русский костюм в живописи. Боярышня-Firs Sergeevich Zhuravlev (Russian painter) 1836 - 1901

Firs Sergeevich Zhuravlev (Russian painter) 1836 - (aka Firs Zhuravlyov), Боярышня (Bojar Woman), oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan

Константин Егорович Маковский (1839-1915) «Боярышня»

Russian costume in painting. Konstantin E. Circa Boyaryshnya is a noble girl in medieval Russia.

Zeng Chuanxing2

Zeng Chuanxing

Classical realism: Zeng Chuanxing’s paper brides portraits of ‘minority’ women. Zeng was born in Sichuan province, China. Images from various sources

Russian Beauty in a Head-Dress, by Konstantin Makovsky

Perfectly Chaotic Russian Beauty Wearing a Kokoshnik by Konstantin Makovsky, early 1880 Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky is a Russian artist. Many of his historical paintings show an.