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Леонид Филатов, Валерий Золотухин и Владимир Высоцкий

Леонид Филатов, Валерий Золотухин и Владимир Высоцкий

Robert Plant

here you'll mainly have: -The Beatles -Pink Floyd▲ -Marillion -Queen♔ -ELO -T. Rex -Supertramp -David Bowie⚡️ -Traveling Wilburys -Def Leppard -Nick Drake -The Doors -Led Zeppelin -ACϟDC -MCR -Temples -Monty Python -Lost ✈

Smile - or not: Kristen Stewart looked rather discomfited by a hug she got from girlfriend Alicia Cargile as they left En Sushi in Los Angeles on Sunday

Kristen Stewart has been back with Alicia Cargile for months, but they can still have strained moments. They were recently seen having a rather uncomfortable-looking hug after an LA lunch date.

Pink Floyd in the flesh

Pink Floyd (July at Madison Square Garden, New York) Psychedelic rocqk concert poster classic - I was at this show - the summer of 77 at the Garden saw all the big British bands - floyd, led zep, elp with orchestra, yes


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