soviet propaganda poster

Soviet propaganda poster - love the scary claw hand

Russian Post WW2 poster

Text reads: Glory to the Warrior-Liberator!


Cover of the Russian magazine "Radio", "USSR" – the inscription on the globe.

Yuri Gagarin - first human being in space

Yuri Gagarin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / He was the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April

Russian WW2 "Nazi vulture learned that here it is not our vulture" (Over his belt he has a note) "The extermination of the civilian population"

Soviet (Russian) Propaganda Posters During

Russian poster, 1937: Root out spies and saboteurs.

1937 Russian poster: "Root out spies and saboteurs"

Simple shapes .. clear message. The guns and planes are portrayed beautifully

To Defend USSR V. Kulagina, 1930 This striking poster was created by Valentina Kulagina, who was one of the most expressive woman po.

Да здравствует могучая авиация страны социализма!

politics aside, old soviet propaganda art/posters/etc makes for some very cool art

soviet poster

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Отстоим Москву!

Отстоим Москву!

Propaganda Rodchenko

by Russian Constructivist artist Alexander Rodchenko Contemporary artist, graphic designer and illustrato.


Study the great path of the party of Lenin - Stalin.


Soviet Propaganda Art- Part 3

Наш ответ Чемберлену - СССР

Our response to Chamberlain


soviet propaganda poster, it says "For the homeland, for Stalin, for peace, for communism"


Russia adopted equal rights before USA. In Russian women were granted suffrage. US has only granted the voting rights to women in