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the textured knits pattern is shown in green
Textured Knitting 16: Rank and file
Textured Knits: Quick and easy
How to Knit the Irish Moss Knit Stitch Pattern with Video Tutorial
Such a pretty, classic pattern! Watch exactly how to knit the Seed Knit Stitch Pattern with Free Written Pattern Instructions + Video Tutorial by Studio Knit #StudioKnit #KnitStitchPattern #FreeKnittingPatterns #seedstitch #knitseedstitch #knittingvideo #easyknitting via @StudioKnit
How to Knit a Yarn Over Increase Stitch
My tutorial shows you exactly how to Yarn Over with both written and close-up video instructions to power up your knitting skills. #StudioKnit #knittingvideo #knittingtechnique #yarnover #knitting
harry potter with glasses and text that reads gets into magic school complaints about home work
Which "Harry Potter" Character Should Be Your Yule Ball Date?
I got Harry Potter! Both you and Harry love adventure. At the same time, making sure everyone is safe is a top priority. You both enjoy having fun and hanging out with your friends. Harry will be the perfect date to the Yule Ball. Which "Harry Potter" Character Should Be Your Yule Ball Date?
three knitted mittens hanging from a string
estherjoy's Forest Friends
Ravelry: estherjoy's Forest Friends
a baby sock with text that reads, duck feet baby socks free knitting pattern
Knit Duck Feet Baby Socks with Free Pattern
Duck Feet Baby Socks Free Knitting Pattern #Freepattern #Knitting #Ducks
a pair of mittens sitting on top of a white table next to a cell phone
Really Quick Mitts pattern by Haley Waxberg
These mitts are fast, soft, and oh so satisfying! They only use 1 skein of Malabrigo Rasta, and they make a very easy, very impressive gift.
three pictures of slippers and knitting needles on a wooden floor with yarn in them
Knitted Slippers Patterns Free Ideas To Try - The WHOot
Knitted Slippers Pattern You'll Love These Cute Ideas | The WHOot
knitting cast - ons and bird - offs demysted instructions for knitted sweaters
Knitting Cast On and Knitting Bind Off Techniques [Infographic]
This Knitting Cast On and Knitting Bind Off Techniques infographic shows you that you can start and stop your knitting projects in a variety of ways. Get a snapshot of knitting cast-ons and bind-offs with this helpful, demystifying infographic.
the knitting book cast - on and bind - off like a pro is available for purchase
Free Knitting Patterns You Have to Knit | Interweave
Every successful knitter should know how to cast on and bind off, and with this FREE guide on different ways for both, you'll be casting on and binding off like a PRO!