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the enemy likes to hide wolfies inside sheep's clothing but that's okay god hides lions inside of lambs
a black and white photo with the words god is sending his angels ahead of you to destroy any plans of the enemy god's got you covered
a door handle with the words prayer should be the key in the morning and the lock at night
Prayer Deniece M.McDaris
a woman sitting on top of a lion next to a man
a man with long hair and blue eyes stares at the camera, with a caption that reads, one day you won't have to pray to pray to talk to me
a poster with the words god doesn't ask you to understand, compenend, or figure it out he just asks us to pray, seek, and trust
an image with the words dear god please give me the strength to end the situation and to find
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a sign that says, what a simple and beautiful prayer when you wake up jesus leaving the house
a woman walking down a dirt road with a quote from the book when we place him directly in front of us, when we wake up and decide that he is going to die
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a girl with long hair and a bible verse