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an old dresser with many items on it and a vase in the middle surrounded by other antiques
Laurie Zuckerman "Green Altar" Installation
laurie beth zuckerman | Laurie Zuckerman "Green Altar" Installation | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an ornate wooden cabinet with painted flowers on the front and sides, sitting on a table
oratórios artesanais - Pesquisa Google
a tree that has some plants growing out of it in the middle of the woods
Collège Sainte-Croix / Kollegium Heilig Kreuz - Accueil
Student Land Art with Jean-Yves Piffard.
a bird bath filled with rocks and crystals
Stone Medicine: Crystal Centerpieces — Moondaughter
I love this idea for a garden: a combo or crystals and river stones in a birdbath! So zen and tranquil...
Copper Luna altar cloth                                                                                                                                                                                 More Tela, Sanderson House, Witch Alter, Pagan Magick, Pagan Crafts, Lunar Phases, Witchy Crafts, Altar Cloth
Copper Luna altar cloth More
a buddha statue sitting on top of a tree stump next to rocks and sea shells
Outdoor Sanctuaries
Meditation and offerings...
an old wooden shelf with a small window on the top and bottom part in white painted wood
outdoor catholic shrine | ... Scalloped Shrine in Garden+Outdoor ... | Saints, shrines, and
a pink shelf with a statue and flowers on it
Pink Display Case Shrine Shabby Chic Ornate Wooden Distressed Embellished Recycled Home Decor Anita Spero - Etsy
Pink display case shrine shabby chic ornate wooden distressed embellished recycled home decor anita spero
a statue in a glass case sitting on top of a table next to a mirror
Sideboard Inspiration
Common Ground: Sideboard Inspiration. Add a battery candle for a sweet touch.
an old wooden clock with two birds on it
Wall Mounted Altar Or Niche,
Wall-mounted hand carved altar or niche, late 19th century~Image via Brunk Auctions
two wooden boxes sitting next to each other
Bosque del Valle - Albuquerque, New Mexico
a person holding up a small statue in front of a brick wall
Oratório: como fazer!!!
Oratório: como fazer!!! - Jeito de Casa
a birdhouse sitting on top of a wooden table
Repurposed Garden Altar--hmm..this sparks an idea for a garden "shrine" using a vintage shadow box i have
a statue in the shape of a woman holding a cross on top of a tree
Handmade Wood and Tile Niche With Handmade Statue of Saint - Etsy
Wow! Handmade Cedar and Tile Niche with Statue by InTheCompanyOfSaints, $110.00