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an animated image of a woman with books and other things in the air above her head
Single catholic girl.
#catholicism #catholic #jesus
four pictures of people sleeping in bed with the caption me as a father sorry my son, your mom is mine
Woman Shares How Her Friend Got Arrested And Taken To A Mental Hospital After Her Work Called The Police When She Decided To Quit
two men standing next to each other in front of a painting with the caption are you ok? yeah, i'm just having a bad life it will be over eventually
classical art memes
a comic strip with teddy bears talking to each other
Milk and mocha
two cartoon bears that are hugging each other
two cartoon bears hugging each other with the caption loves ticking her bf
two brown and white teddy bears sitting next to each other on a light blue background
a cartoon bear sitting on the ground next to a cloud holding a cell phone in it's hand
a cartoon bear is sleeping in bed with another bear
Milk and mocha bear
a cartoon bear and bunny are sitting on top of a bed with the caption, looks like she fought a demon in her sleep