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Kitchen Witchery Green Gothic Magic Witch Vintage Wall Decor No Frame Poster (Full Size 12x18/16x24/24x36) - Halloween, Christmas, Birthday Gift Idea
The Best Books for Baby Witches
a jar filled with lots of different things on top of a black background, and the words job attraction spell jar below it
Job Attraction Spell Jar
🌟Ever wondered about the magick of the universe and how it could help you land your dream job? Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Wicca and discover the power of spell jars! Spell jars are a powerful Wiccan tradition, and today we're focusing on a specific one: a job attraction spell jar.
a jar filled with spices and herbs labeled in the words get the job spell jar
"GET THE JOB" SPELL JAR #spelljars #topicoftheday #todaysposts #spells #witchymagick #themagickofspelljars #intentioniskey #herbs #crystals #witchysalts #candlewax #charms #ribbon #newjob #newjobspelljar
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Spell Jar Ingredients