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Living willow structure #Garden, #Structure, #Willow

The light inside this living willow structure is an ingenious touch. Can you imagine a better place to spend a summer evening? One day I will create a living willow structure.

IMG_6372.jpg (639×959)

IMG_6372.jpg (639×959)

Как сшить бюстгальтер..

This looks like a bra pattern but I think it could be used to create a style bathing suit

Anna Scott : Blanket stitch leaves - part one

I am really glad (and a little overwhelmed) by the many comments on my blanket stitch leaves the other day - I also found it very inspiring.

twist: Russian Join

Today, I& going to give you a tutorial on the Russian Join. A Russian Join is a way to start a new ball of yarn without weaving in ends!