Татьяна Кицына

Татьяна Кицына

Татьяна Кицына
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Cretan Stitch Embroidery How-To (and other stitches, too)

Cretan stitch:This is a variation of the feather stitch. This is done by making two slanting outer stitches, one to the right and one to the left of the stamped line. The center forms a ribbed effect. It can make an effective border.

Stitch School: braid stitch

this stitch would work out great with thicker yarn (or strands of floss) and smaller loops (as shown in diagram, not as demonstrated in the site) Useful for vines as it takes curves easily.

Sweetwater's house quilt block xxx

Quiltmaker's Parade of Homes concludes today with a final Home Sweet Home quilt block giveaway. This block is up for giveaway today.

vocabulary 3

Chapter III ~ LOOPED STITCHES examples) --- Samplers and Stitches, a handbook of the embroiderer's art by Mrs Archibald Christie, London 1920