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janice_brown-large.jpg (319×480)

janice_brown-large.jpg (319×480)

tequila and lime

Hemerocallis Tequila and Lime. A captivating daylily with broad, lemon yellow petals and an apricot blush. Gently ruffled edges and an apple green throat.

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On and On Daylily -- Huge, fragrant, baby-oink daylilies bloom all season above fresh green, grassy foliage. This descendant of H. 'Stella D'Oro' is a great pink rebloomer and a terrific addition to the sunny perennial garden.

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Hemerocallis Bestseller/Tequila and Lime. Modern daylilies are more compact, produce more flowers, and offer more exciting colors and styles.

brilliant circle

Daylily-Gilbert H.

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