Гоа, блог путешествия, часть 3 — Последние дни в северном Гоа, Анджуна, ...

The second series of a travel diary in Goa. In this series: Morjim Beach, North Goa, Banyan, Paradise Beach Beach State of Maharashtra, Hampi Karnataka State.

Фотопроект «Утро невесты» — свадебная мода 2017 + Бэкстейдж (Leona Stage...

Photo project 'Brides Morning' was born in the creative collaboration of several professionals of his craft. His task was to present the actual wedding image.

SNOWLOG — 5 человек в Матизе не считая сноубордов. Выходные на склоне Сл...

At the end of winter, I infected my friends of winter sport and snowboarding. At the beginning of the video on a slope in the Malinovaya Gryada I teach my fr.

Kirill Sokov, lecture "Interesting. Important. Advantageously, "May 12, 2016 - YouTube

Several years ago, the topic of this lecture has become for me a kind of universal reference point in any case.

WAFEst 2016 Hightlights - YouTube

This year, the second time I visited the festival WAFEst at the Gorky Sea. And even despite the fact that all major events I slept well, can say with confide.

SNOWLOG — My winter blog. Riding in different places of Nizhny Novgorod - YouTube

Weekend on the board in both places in Nizhny Novgorod and thoughts about snowboarding in my life.

Art-therapy, I draw my first picture - YouTube

Today I attended an interesting workshop on painting and make my first canvas. The experience was very unexpected. I was expecting something usual, but almos.

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