Albrecht Dürer - Self-portrait, 1500

Albrecht Durer Self-Portrait in a Fur-Collared Robe, , Alte Pinakothek, Munich. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Self-Portrait in a Fur-Collared Robe by Albrecht Durer.

Aida Muluneh | The 99 Series: Part One (2014), Available for Sale | Artsy

The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell Revisited.

Kelly Reemtsen | Fuck the System, Siren Red (2015) | Artsy

Fuck the System, Siren Red by Kelly Reemtsen

'EXTRA-ORDINARY' explores Chilean architecture at the AIA NY | Wallpaper*

New strategies: AIA NY shows contemporary Chilean architecture

'Adept at creating magnificent architectural objects, Chilean architects are rarely subversive'

Aida Muluneh | The 99 Series: Part Six (2014), Available for Sale | Artsy

Available for sale from HackelBury Fine Art, Aida Muluneh, 99 - Part Six Digital Photographic Print, 80 × 80 cm

Mary McDonnell | Tug (2010/2011) | Artsy

painting, drawing, artwork by Mary McDonnell

Monique van Genderen | Untitled (five of six) (2014 ), Available for Sale | Artsy

Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Monique van Genderen. Monique van Genderen is preoccupied with surface quality and color, creating…

Liz Markus | Jane Birkin Crouching (2015), Available for Sale | Artsy

Liz Markus’ recent Trump-inspired painting is not her first foray into the tricky genre of satire. She chats about painting punk rockers, celebrity girlfriends, and Nancy Reagan.

Tomie Ohtake | Untitled (1971), Available for Sale | Artsy

Tomie Ohtake | Untitled (1971), Available for Sale | Artsy

Jay Rosenblum | Gradus Ad Parnassum (Steps to Parnassus) (1970), Available for Sale | Artsy

socialclaustrophobia: Jay Rosenblum (American, Gradus Ad Parnassum, Oil on canvas, 20 × 20 in.

(3) Твиттер

Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole, Antoine-Jean Gros Museo del Hermitage

Dish with Citrus Fruit, Vincent van Gogh, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation), View this artwork

[Rijksmuseum Kroeller-Mueller, Otterlo, The Netherlands - Oil on canvas, 163 x cm]

Henri J. Rousseau - Cheval attaqué par un jaguar - , individual art card

Alex Colville - Cyclist and Crow Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Acrylic on hardboard, x 100 cm

Gandalf, Dark Paintings, Stuffing, Artists, Ceramic Pots, Plastering, Bright Colours, Blue, Copenhagen