AUTUMN HOBBY - SKELETING LEAVES. Skeletonization of leaves - the process simple, but requires patience and accuracy. All you need is: leaves (better to collect the autumn, then they are more dense), baking soda and food coloring.

Skeleting Leaves Skeletonization of leaves - All you need is: leaves (collect in autumn, they are more dense), baking soda and food coloring

Designs – DecoPanel Designs, Australia Movement has been created in this artwork through the use of regular and repetition. The peace is handmade and radial graduation has been portrayed. The shapes are all close together with a radial point in each.

this is a laser cut wood trivet. It would make a great accent under the fireplace mantle or on the foyer closet door panels.

Functional art for wall or table - this cherry wood finished trivet has precision laser cut detail and cushioned feet.

Frantic Stamper - Fancy Leaves

Frantic Stamper Precision Die - Fancy Leaves-Approx size: Maple Leaf = x Birch Leaf = x Autumn just got more beautiful thanks to these fancy leaves.

Memory Box - Die - Poinsettia Flourish,$15.00

Memory Box - Craft Dies - Poinsettia Flourish Now Available at The Rubber Buggy