Learn to wind a center-pull ball by hand.

Knitting Crochet Tutorial - How to Wind a Center Pull Ball By Hand. Good for winding yarn that's in a skein rather than the already center pull yarn pictured at the beginning of this tutorial!

A good video on how to do the Crocodile stitch... I think I do better when I can read it to check my work though. :/ ▶ Crocodile Stitch - How To Crochet - YouTube

Learn how to crochet the Crocodile Stitch. This is a huge trend at the moment and the Crocodile Stitch is all the rage. Learn how simple this technique is. This stitch looks amazing in slow transitioning colour yarn as each scale looks slightly different.

knitting patterns  ...♥ Deniz ♥

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Ажурный узор с волнистым краем | Искусница

узоры для вязания

How to Make a Foam Cup Bra | tutorial at Cloth Habit

Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 2

Today I'll be cutting out my pieces and get started sewing. First, let's make some some changes to your cup pattern to work with foam. As I mentioned yesterday, these techniques can be used with an.