Уютный дом: идеи для обустройства собственной кухни

* like AuntG's pot cupboard; idea for end of stove (but could be open, under narrow counter .kitchen peg board pot & pan storage from normally wasted space

Уютный дом: идеи для обустройства собственной кухни

Bread box and dry produce storage in kitchen drawers. I think this is a cool food storage idea but we don't eat bread and never require that much root veggie storage.

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Small kitchen appliance storage solutions is one of most ideas for kitchen decoration. Small kitchen appliance storage solutions will enhance your kitchen's kitchen storage. This small kitch.

16 damn convenient ways to save space in the kitchen

Do you have so many pots and pans that you can’t find what you are looking for? Here are 30 super easy organizing and storage ideas to get your kitchen organized. These are simple kitchen organizing ideas that can be

Функциональная мебель для маленькой кухни

Small Kitchen with Smart Organisation - Interior design - Now you can see the privilege of a small kitchen with smart organisation, Many among us have the privilege of having a small kitchen, yes it is a privilege.

Интересные идеи для дома и дачи

Try Upright Storage We need a ton of these units. I have so many platters, cutting boards, cookie sheets etc. I could outfit a kitchen store myself.

Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas

Practical + Pretty Pantry Solutions

Keep spices at the ready for any cooking adventure with a storage-smart spice rack, mounted to the inside of cabinet door. The dowel guard rails prevent the containers from sliding around, and the door-mounted unit frees up space inside the cabinet.

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Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas - Hidden Spacesaving Spiceracks - Click Pic for 42 DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas Tips by mavis