the collage shows many different people in various scenes, including one with his head on his hand
a young man is staring at the camera
some people are standing around in a kitchen
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two baseball players are standing in front of the gated entrance to a ballpark
two men sitting in chairs smiling at the camera
two men kissing each other while one looks at the camera with his eyes closed and tongue out
Literally wtf I am screaming
two people standing next to each other with their faces close together
#shameless #gallavich
a young man with his hands on his chest
Cameron Monaghan
Сериал Бесстыжие / Shameless
Сериал Бесстыжие / Shameless
a man sitting on a couch holding a beer in his mouth
two pictures of a woman in white dress sitting on a wall with her hands under her chin
love is a weapon.
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