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Corgi / Sir Mitchell

Fat Friends: Corgi The first dog in the Fat Friends series. I was inspired to start with this guy while walking my own dog, and we ran into the friendliest, cutest Corgi. I started working on it as soon as I got home. Available as a timed edition,.

© Pet Friendly - Sweet pet corgi fabric.  Best corgi wearing glasses fabric print for trendy decor and home textiles.  Corgi owners will love this cute corgi in glasses fabric.

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Artsy Graphic Styles V1 by creativesole on Envato

Buy Artsy Graphic Styles by creativesole on GraphicRiver. Description: Illustrator Artsy Graphic Styles with bonus backgrounds and other elements.

Mimi Yoon

[ Oshun whispers softly in my ear musings of beauty] Love the place running from the neck down to the lower hips a peacock. Original Pinner "why is the moon so sad by mimi yoon. Very beautiful drawing, and an interesting tatoo that seems Asian inspired.

☆ Dragon and a Girl ☆

The Green Dragon is the Earth Dragon. Material in a big sense, however green is the color of life in the big picture. I would categorize the earth dragon among these qualities as well.