Александр Хажакян

Александр Хажакян

Область интересов- топологический квантовый компьютер, искусственный интеллект,микроквантовая физика
Александр Хажакян
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They're so vicious, they even kill sharks! Look at this! Look at it! Does it look like a "gentle" animal to you?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

Manatees can be so vicious, they even kill sharks! Does it look like a "gentle" animal to you !

COVERT SCIENCE-People—as well as cows, goats and the occasional horse—had vanished inexplicably near Belize City, S. Am. for 20 years. Convinced a monster lived in the lagoon, the locals asked Acapulco engineer Carlos Masin to help prove it. Masin criss-crossed the lagoon with wires & electrified it for 5 minutes, after which hundreds of fish—and this unbelievable thing rose to the surface, not quite dead. Its carcass has been on display in Mexico City since 1993."We close our…

GIANT SNAKE KILLED - Snake killed 320 tourist & 125 Egyptians Egyptians-this looks like a snake on a toy truck, even the man looks like a toy soldier. Most likely fake but it's still creepy to think about.

How to make a small shed a profitable mushroom production business - Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms - Shroomery Message Board

I'm planning to build a shed for a small mushroom growing business (as a part time one) in my backyard. I'm planning on growing edibles such as different