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how to make moroccan chicken slow cooker or tagine
Moroccan Chicken Tagine Recipe
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traditional hungarian recipe gravy in a bowl with a fork
Gnaouia is a delicious stew made from Tunisian gombos, which can be prepared with chicken, veal, lamb and beef. It is traditionally served with couscous bread or couscous.
three small bowls filled with food on top of a table
Syrian Rice Pudding Recipe with Rose Water | Cook's Hideout
the cover of za'atar recipes is shown in four different pictures, including soups and salads
17 Best Za’atar Recipes and Menu Ideas
If you want something healthy, bold, and delicious, these za’atar recipes might just change your life. They're nutty, herbaceous, and oh-so-scrumptious.
a piece of cake sitting on top of a green plate next to a pan filled with almonds
Semolina Cake soaked in Orange Blossom Syrup - SugarLoveSpices
Semolina Cake soaked in Orange Blossom Syrup - Sugarlovespices
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hummus and pita chips on a plate with the words middle eastern eggplant dip
Mutabal is a famous Middle Eastern eggplant dip. Unlike Baba Ganoush, Mutabal is creamy with yogurt and tahini added. Learn how to Mutabal dip with a step by step guide.
this is an image of a pizza with cheese and toppings on it in two different pictures
Labneh - Labneh Dip, Labneh Recipe and Zaatar • Two Purple Figs
You simply cannot miss out on this Mediterranean Labneh Dip with Zaatar Pistachio Mint Olive Topping! Sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds and served with zaatar pita chips - this easy labneh dip is the perfect appetizer or can be served as part of a mezze platter! #appetizer, #middleeasternfood, #partyfood, #dips
rice pudding in small glasses on a pink plate
Creamy Lebanese Rice Pudding (Riz Bi Haleeb) - Little Sunny Kitchen
This Authentic Lebanese Rice Pudding recipe is creamy, rich, and aromatic. It's flavored with rose water, and topped with crushed pistachios.
three pancakes stacked on top of each other with the words, 13 minute apple pancakes with oats, no flour
Healthy Oatmeal Apple Pancakes (Flourless & Easy) - Her Highness, Hungry Me