Спелло, Италия

Flowered Lane, Spello, Umbria, Italy SH: What a beautiful, magical place! I just *know* somewhere along that lane is a bench where I could sit dreaming for hours Umbria is just as beautiful as Tuscany


Photographer Wil Mijer’s macro images of tropical frogs reveal a tiny and enchanting world that goes largely unnoticed.


Who says a beach house needs to be large and expansive? This small beach house provides all the necessary space and beautiful design one can need!

Живопись Лорана Парселье (Laurent Parcelier http://parcelier.fr/

Dappled light sirobtep: artcafe: pidahauskaa: Laurent Parcelier (via onnoublierien) (via tranquilitos)

20 шедевров природы на рубеже зимы и весны

What's left on a leaf after an ice storm? An ice leaf! By the way, what is an ice storm?