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black and white photograph of woman standing on beach next to boat with food in hand
Charlotte Perriand
a black and white photo of a woman looking at her cell phone in the dark
Photo by Saul Leiter. Barbara Smoking, 1955
a person sitting on a bed in front of a window with the light shining through
by meredithadelaide: like I used to be I'm shooting and directing a music video right now for @thecatapult for a song that has to do with survival and growth through our personal low times. My interpretation is how when we go through rough spots, sometimes we drown ourselves in the feelings and thoughts, and how after enough times of doing that maybe we start to take note of how we get ourselves out of it, and how after too many times of feeling it all so deeply we start to choose, instead, just
a black and white photo of a woman's face with her hands on her face
Tina Modotti, manos, por Edward Weston
Tina Modotti Edward Weston's lover. To me this more an image of his love than a portrait of Tina
Noel Coward, 1932, bi Edward Steichen Steichen Photography, Black Foto, Lost Generation, Noel Coward, Samuel Beckett, New York Museums, Nice Boy
Noel Coward, 1932: Edward Steichen
Noel Coward, 1932, bi Edward Steichen
an old photo of a woman standing in front of a wall with a clock on it
Melpomene Landon Rives
Melpomene Landon Rives Edward J. Steichen 1904–5
a woman standing next to a grand piano
Edward Steichen... single-handedly changed public perceptions of the American woman in the 20's and 30's. He shot portraits and fashion photos for Vogue and Vanity Fair, and almost defined beauty in that era.
a black and white photo of a woman standing next to a chair
Ilka Chase Wearing Black Starr And Frost-gorham by Edward Steichen
Vogue - November 1933 Poster Print by Edward Steichen at the Condé Nast Collection