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sansy-fancy: “ classyvoidsinner: “ smolandtolskeletons: “ sin-me-the-fuck-up: “ weezypup: “ kkhoppang: “ swapfell ” This is becoming my new favorite thing I swear :D ” Not nsfw but damn i had.

Bedtime Story by BamSaraKilledYou.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Awwwww lol I was expecting burning in hell for some reason tho

So someone had to go and ruin a perfectly normal monster-girl on monster-girl makeout sesh. Aint havin none of that, are we? This was supposed to be a short thing and it ended up being a long thing. <<< THIS IS FUCKING ADORABLE!

Undyne gonna have a bad time

literalnobody: “ AU where Sans actually protects Frisk like he fucking said he would ” In one of the phonecalls Undyne admits that while chasing after Frisk in Hotland, she wasn’t sucessful catching.