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a white stuffed duck with a green hat on it's head and beak is hanging from the ceiling
Gravity Falls - Ducktective Plush
Gravity Falls Waddles Plush Halloween Costumes, Avatar, Wardrobes, Vintage, Disney, Gravity Falls Waddles, Soft Toy
Gravity Falls Waddles Plush
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a stuffed toy with an egg in the shape of a pokemon character's head
Sanei Pokemon All Star Series 5.5 Inch Togepi Plush
a small stuffed animal with blue hair on it's face and tail, laying down
Toy Vault Jim Henson's Labyrinth The Worm 7.5 Collectible Plush
a small black cat with big eyes and a pink bow tie on it's neck
Enesco Jiji the Cat Sitting Down 5.5" Plush
a blue and pink stuffed animal with big eyes
Disney Pixar Soul 22 Plush