Rise of the Guardians

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four different pictures with the same character in each movie, and one has an evil look on
I don't think I can do that
the boy that didn't want to grow up and then did he get a choice
a group of people standing in the snow at night with candles lit up around them
an aerial view of a man climbing up the side of a mountain
an image of the same movie character in different scenes, with caption that reads look at the fear in all their faces, especially jack '
Former Disney Employees Spill The Beans and There's More To It Than We'd Think
four different pictures of the same character from frozen water, and one with blue hair
a man sitting on top of an ice covered wave
two people are standing in the snow next to an ice - like object that looks like a bird's wing
an image of some sort of text with different pictures and words on it's side
a man is walking through the woods on skis
417 Expectation Failed
the silhouette of a girl on top of a deer in front of a full moon