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some type of calligraphy written in cursive writing, including the letters and numbers
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an ink drawing of mountains and trees
MyNameIsEyyyyyy: Photo
MyNameIsEyyyyyy: Photo
a drawing of a woman holding a bird in her hand and flying through the air
Pisces, Enze Fu
ArtStation - Pisces, Enze Fu
two paintings of the same person walking down a path in an open field with trees
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an illustration of a person with fire coming out of their head and holding a fan
an artistic drawing of a star surrounded by circles and stars on a white background with the words gumm club written below it
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a painting of a woman with horns and stars on her head
Knight, Draw, Oc, Paladin, Dnd
a vase sitting on top of a table covered in paint and paper work next to other crafting supplies
Work is finally starting to accumulate! PS The darker pieces are wetter and the white pieces are almost dry. | Instagram
a light that is attached to the side of a building with a blue sky in the background
a painting of a person sitting on top of a crescent with stars and moon in the background
two horses are galloping through the desert with mountains in the background and clouds above them
a painting of a man holding a golden object
Fandom tarot cards may be the wave of the future
a man standing next to a giant red bird
The Red Stained Wings , richard anderson. flaptraps art studio