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panty and stocking crossover i’ve never really seen the show but thank you to my friend for convincing me to draw this bc tori and tam relate to them so much its ridiculous– i love it sm

This is so adorable!

Edd and mini friends

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~You've been caught Scarlet~

Pro Hunter Dipper #GravityFalls #Dipper #BillCipher

Pro Hunter Dipper He got that Billdip

this is hilarious XD

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they aint gonna be well together

I'm sad,depressed, and TomTord obsessed...

I'm sad,depressed, and TomTord obsessed.

Comics and Art — Tord as Gru with his minions!! (Doodles)

Comics and Art — Tord as Gru with his minions!

I love this so much

I love this so much and i ship it

So I just wanted to tell you that the pictures in here aren't my so p… #разное Разное #amreading #books #wattpad

Yay Tom considers Matt a friend!