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Sugar Venom by sarucatepes on DeviantArt she looks a lil' bit like me

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“Magic can’t be made safe and it can’t be destroyed. Fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could”“You know Daisy”, Varric sighs, tone warring between fondness and frustration “That’s a mighty good and sound sentiment. The sad thing is, I think people would be more preoccupied with the fact that you’ve written it in blood”

Magnifique elfe sauvage / Watercolor Teas<---- If Daisy's dangerous just because she's a blood mage, I'm a hippo.

Adaar | Tumblr

whiskasgirl: Zezolas portrait as done by some fancy Orlesian court artist Originally done for the Inquisitor Drawing Meme just wanted to upload it in this format too. :) Original post (X)<< beautiful Qunari inquisitor ❤️❤️❤️❤️