they decided to take a group pic at the voca-party

Vocaloid, Anime Art

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akikoloid-chan, akita neru, big al, gumi, and others (vocaloid) drawn by daidou (demitasse) - Danbooru

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Miku, Rin, Meiko, and Gumi

Miku luka rin y len kagamine

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Kaito, Vocaloid, Chibi

ass bandeau belt blonde hair blue eyes blue hair bra brown hair chain city elbow gloves gloves green eyes green hair gun h&k handgun hatsune miku heckler & koch holster jacket kagamine len kagamine rin kaito kamui gakupo katana left-handed letterboxed

From left to right: Maku Kaito Len Rin Miku Luca Gakupo