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I love this photo. No doubt because I find Joan Crawford unattractive and by all contemporary accounts, conniving and vicious in her pursuit of fame. So this photo of her with a huge knife and controlling the little boy perfectly sums her up for me! Hahaha!

1945 — Joan Crawford helps adopted son Christopher cut the cake at his birthday party. Thirty-two years later, in she will cut him from her will.

White Wolf: The golden eagle who carries a KNIFE

(Picture 2 of Han Bouwmeester captured this 'once in a lifetime' moment when a golden eagle soared away with a knife.

James Dean

nicedawg: James Dean, red jacked from ‘’Rebel Without A Cause’’ - between scenes

Another baby is dressed as a Ninja Turtle, with a costume complete with a shell and inflat...

Baby Princess Leia Baby Spock Baby Mario Baby Ninja Turtle Baby Star Wars Jedi Baby Harry Potter Baby Ewok Baby Flash Baby Yoda Baby Gamer Baby Knight Baby Spiderman Baby Olaf Baby Batman Baby Alice In Wonderland Baby Batman And …

warrior girl with purple hair! awesome!

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