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two wooden pegs with pictures on them sitting next to each other in front of a blue background
Bible Crafter
Acts 15:36-16:40; Paul's Second Journey-Paul & Silas in Prison Craft (Although this is Peter's release from prison by an angel, it can easily be adapted by putting pictures of 2 men, Paul & Silas, behind the craft sticks & omitting the angel.)
a roll of toilet paper with buttons on it sitting on top of a blue surface
Recycling Center: Recycled crafts for Earth Day
Binoculos hechos de material reciclado: rollito de papel higiénico o papel toalla, papel de construcción, stickers y cuerda
the ear is cut out to make it easier for children to learn how to read
a woman standing on top of a wooden boat next to ropes and roped in
The Viking Ship
The Viking Ship "Icelander", Njarðvík***Research for possible future project.
an old wooden ship with lots of ropes on it
Tall Ships and Maritime History
Queen Anne's Revenge ship More
handwritten alphabet in black ink on white paper with the letters and numbers drawn by brush
Hand Drawn Font Made By Dry Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 539802139 | Shutterstock
Hand drawn dry brush font. Modern brush lettering. Grunge style alphabet. Vector illustration.
an image of a large clock in the middle of a room with stairs and railings
Art by Katie Bratcher #steampunk #clock #clocktower #octopus #prismacolorpencils
an octopus painting is shown on a piece of paper
Art by Katie Bratcher #illustrations #octopus #gears #steampunk #prismacolor
an old - fashioned typewriter with buttons and numbers on the keys is shown in this drawing
Art by Katie Bratcher #typewriter #vintage #steampunk #octopus #prismacolorpencils