moscow museum / lava

Great activities from this pattern for people developmentally ages 5 and above. Moscow Design Museum by Lava. Introduction movie for the new Moscow Design Museum!

Humorous (and educational) role playing interactive

The Renaissance Connection, the Allentown Art Museum's interactive educational web site.

USS Constitution exhibit role-playing interactive

A Sailor's Life - Discover the lives of your men who served aboard the USS Constitution. WITH iPAD APP!

Neat site.

The Oakland Museum of California has some games, primary sources and teacher materials for teaching about the Gold Rush.

Museum of Senses by Mirjana Antonijevic, via Behance

Museum of Senses by Mirjana Antonijevic, via Behance

I just love it when museums do the interdisciplinary thang!

Seeing: The Interaction of Physiology, Culture, and Technology

Kind of a nifty idea with microscopes

Traits of Life: Exploratory Exhibits in Life Sciences